David Balaban & Venkat Narayanan – what a concert!

So, a massive thank you to David Balaban (sitar) and Venkat Narayanan (tabla) and all the parents and children who were part of the concert on Friday 16 February.

You can check out some of Ben’s wonky photography of the event on our instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/theconcerteenies/

We also recorded – again by Ben’s wonky hand – the amazing finale to the concert and will put a link up to the video soon.

Thank you! Off and away to a flying start

A great big thank you to all the parents and keepers (and children) who came to our very first recital today.

It was great to see children connecting with the music and lots of people making friends.

We’ll be putting details for the next concert on Wednesday 13 December – this time a jazz-based recital – very soon.

We can’t wait to do it again.

Thank you again!

FIRST Concert coming up – Wednesday 22 November


The Concerteenies launches on Wednesday 22 November at 10.30am, Kindred Studios, 3 Harris Street, Yarraville (adjoining Yarraville Gardens) in the Deluxe Studio.

Only the adults need to pay for their tickets $15 each. 

The first concert will feature music played on the French horn and piano, with Katie Pryce and Alex Waite.

The concert will be 45 minutes long.

There is plenty of parking around and in Yarraville Gardens.

With plenty of space for breastfeeding and little ones’ exploration, everybody’s going to be happy.

The studio includes comfy seating for pregnant and breastfeeding mums – and tired dads. There’ll also be a variety of things to keep small people amused.

Plus, there’s tea and biscuits afterwards so that everyone can have a good chat.

It’s pay on the door on the day, but you can reserve your place with your name and email right now  we’re currently at capacity should every person who reserved show up. Do leave your name and email, though, if you want to know should any spaces become free.