The Concerteenies presents Carol Wang, Tuesday 8 May, 2018, 10.30am at Kindred Studios


The Concerteenies is proud to present accomplished bassoonist, Carol Wong, Tuesday 8 May at 10.30am, in the Bar & Function Space at Kindred Studios, 3 Harris Street, Yarraville.

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The Concerteenies is proud to present the accomplished bassoon player, Carol Wang, Tuesday 8 May, at Kindred Studios, 3 Harris Street, Yarraville, in the Bar & Function Space.

Carol started playing the bassoon from the age nine, when her very first music teacher chose her because she was one of the only students who could hold a regular size bassoon – and she hasn’t looked back since!

Since moving from China to New Zealand in 2010, Carol has received numerous national and international accolades for her solo performance, including a Pettman National Junior Academy of Music Scholarship, and several prizes in the Australian Double Reeds Competition and New Zealand Double Reeds Competition.

Carol moved to Melbourne in 2017 and started studying in Australian National Academy of Music. Since then she has been working with her wonderful fellow ANAM colleagues and also working side-by-side with world-class musicians, such as Ole Kristian T. Dahl (Professor of Musikhochschule Mannheim), Stefan Dohr (Principal Horn of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), Australian World Orchestra and so on. 

Carol has a huge passion in music and she fell deep in love with the sound of bassoon when the moment she heard the solo melody at the end of Tchaikovsky 4th symphony 2nd movement. Since then she hasn’t exploring and creating her own voice on her instrument.