Neyland | Attiche | Beeche – a great jazz trio this September

TUESDAY 17 September, 10.30am at Kindred Studios, Yarravaille (note there is no Friday performance this month) – $18 / KIDS FREE

Sunday 25 August, at 12 MIDDAY, at The Victoria Hotel on Hyde Street, Yarraville $20 / KIDS FREE – WITH KIDS MEAL FREE*

Spring is in the air, and the weather is finally warming up – a perfect time for your little people to enjoy a great jazz trio!

This month’s Tuesday and Sunday performances for the Concerteenies is from one of Melbourne’s most exciting jazz trios to emerge in the last two years.

After moving from Berlin to Australia at the beginning of 2018, guitarist Benjamin Attiche connected with Oscar Neyland on double bass and Jack Beeche on alto saxophone. It quickly evolved into a flourishing and inspiring group that aims to break stereotypical musical roles.   


With an emphasis on interaction and transparency, the three musicians switch fluidly and spontaneously between improvisation and accompaniment.  

The band awards a personal and modern approach to composers such as Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn and Wayne Shorter.

Listen to Neyland | Attiche | Beeche online before seeing them perform live

*The Victoria Hotel has a Concerteenies meal deal of a kid’s meal with the purchase of an adult meal

French Horn recital – Katie Pryce, with Alistair Smith accompanying on piano

TUESDAY 20 August, 10.30am at Kindred Studios, Yarravaille (note there is no Friday performance this month) – $18 / KIDS FREE

Sunday 25 August, at the new time of 3pm, at The Victoria Hotel on Hyde Street, Yarraville $20 / KIDS FREE

The French Horn is one of the most elegant sounding of classical instruments, and possibly the most demanding to play. Simon Rattle calls it the “stunt man” instrument of the orchestra. The Concerteenies’ founder, Katie Pryce, will delight you and children of any age with a programme designed to highlight some of the most interesting music written for the French Horn, accompanied by Alistair Smith on piano.

This month, the Kindred Studios performance takes place on a Tuesday. And, for the Sunday at the pub show, we’ve moved the starting time back to 3 o’clock so that everybody can take care of lunch and naps without any rush. This is another experience for your kids – and a musical break for you – not to be missed.

Katie Pryce, presenter, musician, The Concerteenies

Each recital lasts approximately 45 minutes, with babes-in-arms, breastfeeding mums and exhausted dads especially welcomed. Children of all ages can attend FREE, and are encouraged to be themselves during the performance.

Tickets to reserve your place

Katie hails from the United Kingdom and has played with orchestras as diverse as the London Sinfonietta and Britten Sinfonia, to ground-breaking work playing with jazz innovators, Snarky Puppy and the Bill Laurence Project.  She also has led thousands of children in music workshops since graduating from the Royal Academy of Music, London. And, recently, if you caught the live broadcast of this year’s Helpmann Awards on ABC, you would have heard her playing.

Alistair Smith is an accomplished pianist and respected musician, a teacher at Federation University, Ballarat, and experienced member of musical theatre productions across Australia.

The Enyato Duo – Luke Carbon (Woodwind) & Thea Rossen (Percussion)

TWO CONCERTS Friday 19 July (Kindred Studios, 10.30am) and Sunday 21 July (The Victoria on Hyde Street, 12 noon)

Luke Carbon has already wowed us at the Concerteenies before with his woodwind talents, and now he returns with the amazing percussionist Thea Rossen in their exciting team, the Enyato Duo.

Your little ones can watch the experienced percussionist, Thea, at work – as well as the incredible Luke on all manner of woodwind

Tickets Available Below

Melbourne-based Enyato Duo features Luke Carbon (woodwinds) and Thea Rossen (percussion). Formed in 2017 and named after a work by Australian composer Ross Edwards, the duo strives to explore and expand the existing body of woodwind/percussion repertoire. Enyato recently attended the Bang on a Can Summer Festival in Massachusetts where they worked alongside some of the world’s leading new music practitioners. Their recent commissions include works by Sydney-based interdisciplinary artist Tim Hansen, Pythia Prize winner Samantha Wolf, and Queensland composer Paul Dean.

Thea and Luke are both graduates of the Australian National Academy of Music, and have each worked with Orchestra Victoria, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and ArtPlay. They also co-wrote the Musica Viva in Schools show Water Water Everywhere with pianist Leigh Harrold, which has just seen its 130th performance in Australia. Thea and Luke are deeply committed to the performance of new music and have both premiered many works by both Australian and international composers.

Jazz Out West – part of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival

The Concerteenies is partnering with the Melbourne International Jazz Festival on Saturday June 1 at 11am at the Yarraville Pop-Up Village (just outside the Sun). We’re bringing you Jacqueline Gawler on vocals, Tamara Murphy on bass, Louise Goh on keys and Kieren Rafferty on drums.

It’s going to be a great chance to experience more great jazz with your little ones.

Louis Goh (keys)

Pieces and Poetry – story-inspired music from Stephanie Eldridge and Ryan Williams

So our next recital is on a Tuesday, the 13th of November, 10 30 am at Kindred Studios.

This concert is a very special combination of both music, poetry and art as performers Stephanie Eldridge and Ryan Williams play violin and recorder in styles ranging from baroque music to folk.

All of their music is inspired by the beautiful book, The Dam.

Not only is this the first time we have had a violinist and a recorder player performing, it’s the first time our artists have devised their programme around a story so we are super excited to see the little ones’ response to this one!

Tickets are 18 online (here) and 20 on the door.

Enjoy the Harp with Megan Reeve

The Concerteenies returns to Kindred Studios, Yarraville, on Friday 7 September, 10.30am, delighted to present Megan Reeve on the harp. Yes! The harp!

Megan is a talented harpist, and you and your little ones will be able to take in the magical sounds of this instrument. More details to come soon!

Visit Megan’s website here.

Megan has performed with a diverse range of musical ensembles, from the Melbourne Symphony and the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, through to touring with Jose Carreras and the Bolshoi Ballet, as well as acts as diverse as Kanye West, The Whitlams and The Wiggles. Her television appearances include ‘Good Morning Australia’, ‘It Takes Two’ ‘Dancing with the Stars and ‘Spicks and Specks’.

Part of the Newport Folk & Fiddle Festival

The Concerteenies played a small part in the 2018 Newport Folk Festival, kicking off on the Sunday morning with a bit of French horn, jazz and bassoon with the combined talents of Katie Pryce, Alex Waites and Carol Wang.

We all had a great time contributing to the annual festival – the Newport Folk & Fiddle Club is a fantastic part of the inner west community, so we feel very humble to have been part of the event.

Deep jazz bass grooves with Tamara Murphy

You and your little people will love the deep groove of Tamara’s double bass, accompanied by Nat Bartsch on piano.

Tamara Murphy is a renowned bassist on the Australian music scene. Playing in the jazz, indie and pop music industries, she is very versatile and appears on many varied recordings. She is known for her strong groove-based playing style and her lyrical soloing ability.

Check out her website here: and buy tickets to ensure your spot here on Friday 3 August